The point of Help Desk software is to help you provide better customer service more efficiently.

You can have wonderful, friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives, but if they don’t know the first thing about a customer’s history of issues, calls or emails, you’re still going to run into unsatisfied, unhappy customers. In this day of social media, reviews and connectivity, you need to make sure your customers are spreading great feedback about your customer service, not the opposite.

How would you feel as a customer calling or emailing to follow up on an issue that wasn’t resolved, only to get a response from someone new who needs the whole background story again?

Help Desk eliminates this problem and PSP has the software to help you keep track and manage customer questions and issues efficiently. PSP Pilot acts a communal inbox for all your customer inquiries. This way your customer service representatives can easily access customer communication and quickly track and view all correspondence.

With PSP Pilot, there are no lost tickets or ghosted conversations – each employee with the proper credentials has access to a client page with the client's history.

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