PSP was recently ranked number 36 for Largest Minority-Owned Companies in Washington State by the Puget Sound Business Journal.

According to, “To qualify for The List, companies must be headquartered in Washington and should be at least 51 percent minority owned. Companies must have recorded revenue of at least $500,000 in 2016 and operate as an independent, privately held corporation, proprietorship or partnership (not a subsidiary or division of another company).”

To be ranked among the top 100 and even within the top 50 companies in Washington is a high honor. Not only are we a majority minority-owned company, we are also proud of our diverse staff, clients and partnerships. We are largely staffed with employees from various cultural backgrounds as well as work for and alongside other minority-owned companies.

“We value diversity in our workplace and we're so happy to see so many other companies on the list too. We will do our best to rank better than 36th next year by delivering better products and services.” – PSP Founder and President, Kenichi Uchikura

To mark this achievement, we want to highlight some ways businesses can celebrate and recognize diversity in the workplace. Stay tuned for our next blog post with some simple ideas for your office.